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Even today one can see Roman ciphers above the arcs. Most famous were the venationes or hunts and the munera or the gladiatorial games. How can a group of people living hundreds of years before the Medieval Ages can come up with such great architecture.

Every arched flight served as an entry of the Amphitheatre, and 76 of them were numbered. After the fall of the Roman Empire the Colosseum started to come to ruin.

It is the emperor who provided for the resources both in human capital and in the fund and fine materials needed to complete the project.

It found a type of paving made from brick known as opus spictatum Pepe, Organic food benefits essays Organic food benefits essays. Restoration works were done in and a private bank financed repairs from to Pepe, In fact it was so successful that his two sons were able to rule after his demise with very little opposition from the masses.

There is the evidence that the hunts were organized in the amphitheatre until the end of the VII century. The Colosseum is especially popular for the games held in the amphitheatre.

A religious order called the Confratenita del Santissimo Salvatore ad sancta Sanctorum, also called del Gonfalone, inhabited part of the building by the middle of the 14th century until the 19th century.

Vespasian to a large extent was successful. Tuscan on the first storey, Ioninc on the second and Corinthian at the third, the fourth storey has pilasters decorated with Corinthian capitals.

Earliest permanent amphitheatre had been constructed as far back as 80BC by Marcus Porcius at Pompeii which is said to differ very little from that of the Colosseum Lyes, There are a few colossal structures in antiquity that can rival the Colosseum in sheer size. Echoes from the Colosseum: The width of arched apertures and pillars in the Colosseum is the same for all three tiers, but due to the fact that the half-columns of the middle tier have the forms of the Ionic order, which is lighter in proportions, and the half-columns of the highest tier have a form of an elegant Corinthian order, there is an impression of a gradual diminution of weight and lessening of the upper part of the construction, which is very important for the tectonic logic of an architectural construction.

The Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum ows its structure to the system of unifying a multi-tier arcade, which forms a kind of a carcass construction of the building, with the elements of the order — half-columns, that are attached to the arched pillars and support entablature, the purpose of which is to separate one tier of the arcade from another.

Most of the vaults and walls were made of brick and concrete. In the fall ofthe Yale Bowl was opened to the public. These are also used so that the crowd would easily be dispersed upon the end of the event and could easily permit their exit in times of emergency situations. The Colosseum is not freed from the ravages of natural calamities.

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De Jesus noted that the reason that many people had for going to the Colosseum was not simply to see the show, but also to be seen themselves. Van Nostrand Reinhold, The Flavian amphitheatre, commonly called the Colosseum at Rome:. The Colosseum, which stands near the center of present-day Rome, is probably the finest surviving example of ancient Rome architecture and one of the most recognizable landmarks of history.

The Colosseum is shaped like a modern time football court and could seat as many as spectators. Built /5(3).

Colosseum Essay

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Read The Roman Colosseum free essay and over 88, other research documents. The Roman Colosseum. Arguably the most impressive piece of architecture and engineering from the days of the Empire of Rome, what we know 5/5(1). Colosseum of Rome - In this essay, I will be writing about the great Colosseum of Rome and what was held inside to give the citizens of Rome some entertainment.

The Purpose of the colosseum was to portray the dominance and power of Rome, highlight the social class/hierarchy of roman society, reinforcing the legal functions that applied the roman society, entertainment and social interactions between members of society, education, for political reasons and for religious purposes.

Rome: Rome and Colosseum Essay. I was surprised by the amount of money that the politicians spent at the Colosseum to pay for the shows.

Roman colosseum architecture essay

I thought it was interesting how the politicians provided the games just for political votes for themselves.

Roman colosseum essay
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