Investigation of temperature on catalase activity essay

The only way to resolve this problem would be to repeat the anomalies in order to attain figures which support the other figures better. Decrease of cytochrome c oxidase protein in heart mitochondria of copper-deficient rats. It is possible to shape the 5G radiation pattern and steer the beam from an antenna array by controlling the relative phases and magnitudes of the input signal.

The elevated glutamine could not be related to any change in activity of glutamine synthetase or glutaminase, major enzymes of glutamine metabolism. The high IgE incidence rate is not greater in such patients than in the population at large. If I were to repeat the same investigation again I would most certainly make some alterations in the method so as to improve the overall validity of the investigation.

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Since the beakers were left on the hot plates for a while, at high temperatures especially the 80C condition, the water in the solution of the enzyme catalase can begin to evaporate and thus increasing the enzyme concentration in the solution.

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Weigh each slice on an electronic beam balance to ensure they are the same weight. The respiratory chain "electron transport chain" attached to the inner wall of the inner membrane is composed of 4 protein complexes.

C will have the smallest reaction height because at this temperature catalase will begin to denature.

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Prepare a warm water bath by placing a mL beaker filled with water on a hot plate, and place a thermometer into the water. Enzymes also react at low temperatures, but when the temperature rises above 40 C their reaction rate start to decrease. The rest of the data has been collected from Brendon Song and Skye Rodgers.

This can be explained by an equation: There are quite a few variables which can alter the rate of reaction, and need to be kept constant.

Hydrogen peroxide is a toxic chemical that is produced as a byproduct of many normal cellular reactions, so it is crucial that catalase in the liver breaks the hydrogen peroxide down into the two harmless substances of oxygen gas and liquid water.

It is also of use to first year undergraduates studying biology. Note the following hazards with hydrogen peroxide: Oxidative damage to particular mitochondrial proteins in the flight muscles of houseflies has been identified as a biomarker of aging for those insects.

Brief Outline I will test the effects of changing the level of concentration. A comparison of the heart mitochondria in rats 4-year lifespan and pigeons year lifespan showed that pigeon mitochondria leak fewer free-radicals than rat mitochondria, despite the fact that both animals have similar metabolic rate and cardiac output.

This is because enzymes are proteins and their structures start to damage above 40 C. This graph shows that small pieces react better than bigger pieces. Uncoupling proteins can be a device for reducing proton pressure membrane potentialthereby reducing superoxide production. Jerry Li Research Journal Project title: Get the two boiling tubes containing one containing hydrogen peroxide and the other potato.

Enzymes can build up or break down other molecules. Investigation into the Enzyme Activity of Catalyze in the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Essay Sample. In this pre-designed procedure the enzyme activity of catalase in a potato was tested, in the form of measuring the volume of the Oxygen (O2) released by a catalase – hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) reaction in the span of one minute.

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The Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity Essay - The Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity Experiment: To investigate the effect of temperature on enzyme activity. Investigate the effect of temperature on the activity of catalase Essay Introduction: Enzymes are biological catalysts - Investigate the effect of temperature on the activity of catalase Essay introduction.

This causes the relative rate of enzyme activity of catalase to increase (meaning takes less time to flout to top of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution) as there are more enzymes to decompose hydrogen peroxide for the 40C, 60C and 80C temperature conditions. These results outline the effect of temperature on enzyme activity, and it is apparent that changes in temperature do have an effect on the enzyme catalase.

Conclusion Explanation The results obtained give increased insight into the role of enzymes in the human body. The vast range of maximum lifespan differences between species provides convincing evidence that longevity is genetically influenced.

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An elephant lives about 10−20 times longer than a mouse, yet both animals have roughly the same number of lifetime heartbeats — the elephant at 30 per minute and the mouse at per minute.

Investigation of temperature on catalase activity essay
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